– Absolute Ethanol –

Absolute Ethanol for industrial application’s, is made from ethylene or raw materials from agricultural origin such as sugar beet and then dehydrated.

100% by volume.


Complies to European Pharmacopoeia.

Pack Size

Available in road tankers, 1,000 litre IBC’s, 205 litre drums, 25 & 20 litre cans. The minimum we supply is 20 litres.


Duty Free Ethanol is only available for supply with a licence available free from H M Revenue & Customs. Please see below for more information on where to apply for a license.

Small User/Private Individual

Ethanol is either available by paying HM Revenue & Customs Duty, which is currently £28.74 per litre plus VAT subject to HMRC Criteria by having AWRS approval if required or a licence from HMRC to receive Duty Free Ethanol. The minimum quantity we supply is 1 X 20 litres.

For more information about receiving a licence from HMC&E CLICK HERE.


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