– Industrial Denatured Alcohol –

Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) formerley know as Industrial Methylated Spirits (IMS) is the grade of denatured alcohol designed for industrial use in printing inks, detergents, resins and dyes.

IDA is available at 100%, 99% 96%, 95% and 94% by volume and weaker strengths if required.


It consists of 95 parts by volume of alcohol and 5 parts by volume of wood naphtha.

Pack Size

Available in road tankers, 1,000 litre IBC’s, 205 litre drums, 25 & 20 litre cans. The minimum we supply is 20 litres.


Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) and Industrial Methylated Spirits (IMS) are only available for supply with a licence available free from H M Customs & Excise. Please see below for more information on where to apply for a licence.

Small User/Private Individual

Industrial Denatured Alcohol is available to the general public and you are allowed a maximum of 20 litres per year for use in any specialised hobby or pastime, which we can supply. If applying to HMC&E advise them you require the IDA for the above use. Section 17 number 8.

For more information about receiving a licence from HMC&E CLICK HERE.


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